Casa de Respiro Florestal / Forest Respite House

Casa de Respiro Florestal / Forest Respite House



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Help us raise £100,000 to create Casa de Respiro Florestal (Forest Respite House) for human rights defenders in the Amazon.

Target 1 - £20,000 to buy a piece of land

Every two weeks, an environmental defender is murdered in Brazil. Hundreds are threatened, criminalised, and suffer physical and psychological violence. Some have to flee their homes after assassination attempts and serious death threats. They need a safe space where they can take care of their mental health and wellbeing, to have somewhere they can rest, be creative and breathe.

With the funds raised we will purchase land on the forested banks of the Tapajós River and build a Respite House, using sustainable materials and methods. The House will create a safe space for refuge for threatened defenders and provide access to holistic therapies, local Amazonian treatments, and training in physical, digital and collective protection.

With the first £20,000 we can buy a piece of land. The next £20,000 will cover the materials needed to build a small house from which we can begin creating a safe space. The next £10,000 will go towards solar panels, eco-toilets and sustainable furnishings. The next £15,000 will cover basic operating costs for the first year. A further £20,000 would allow us to cover travel and expenses for defenders to come stay with us. An additional £15,000 would allow us to build additional rooms and begin to invite more people to come stay with us.

The story begins with the Zé Claudio and Maria Institute, a collective organisation that works with women’s groups and fights to protect defenders of human rights and the environment who experience death threats. The institute was created by the family and friends of the couple José Claudio Ribeiro da Silva and Maria do Espirito Santo da Silva, environmentalists and farmers, who were assassinated in 2011 for protecting the forests inside their agro-extractivist settlement in Nova Ipixuna, Pará.

In October 2019, the Z&M Institute and Not1More organised a gathering of over 100 at-risk environmental defenders in Marabá, Brazilian Amazon. The gathering created a safe space to welcome defenders, engage in trainings and share experiences. Many of those present had suffered, and still suffer, death threats and other forms of violence. The gathering highlighted the importance of supporting mental health, self-care, and holistic approaches to wellbeing. It shone a light on the importance of creating a safe space, a Respite House.

Inspired by stories of the Casa La Serena in Mexico, Ze Cladio é Maria Institute and Not1More are working to create a space that reflects the needs and character of the Amazon. Good things happen when people gather in safe spaces. Now with your help, we can create this space.

Thank you
Claudelice Santos, 2019 nominee for the Sackharov Prize for Freedom of Thought and founder of the Zé Claudio e Maria Institute

Fran Lambrick, co-founder of Not1More

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